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The Royal Restrooms Two-Stall portable restroom includes private stalls for both male and female.  The male restrooms is  furnished with a sink, toilet, and urinal. The female restroom is furnished with a sink and toilet.

The unique design of a Royal Restroom portable trailer is the mobility to go virtually anywhere. The Two-Stall unit is completely self-contained and is operable using a 110 volt outlet or generator for the lights and heat or air conditioner. Water is supplied by connection to a spigot with garden hose; or a 125 gallon, on-board fresh water holding tank. The unit also houses a 350 gallon waste holding tank.


All Units have Flushing Toilets - Sinks with Running Water (Hot water optional) -  Vanities with large Mirrors - Air Conditioning or Heat -  Soap and Hand Towels - Low Level Outdoor Lighting - Occupancy Light Indicators - Dual Handrails and Low Entry Platforms - Rugs - Pictures and Flowers 

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