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The Royal Restrooms Eleven-Stall bathroom unit has a male restroom furnished with two sinks, two private stalls, and four urinals. The female restroom is furnished with two sinks and five private stalls. Also The male and female restroom sections have separate entrance and exit doors for smooth traffic flow.

Royal Restrooms provides units that have the mobility to go virtually anywhere and accommodate any type of event. The Eleven-Stall mobile restroom unit is completely self-contained and is operable by using only two 110 volt 20 amp power sources.  Water can be supplied by a spigot and a regular everyday garden hose, or by filling the 200 gallon on-board fresh water tank.

The Eleven-Stall Portable Restroom Unit also houses an 1150 gallon waste holding tank to easily accommodate larger events.

All units have Flushing Toilets - Sinks with Running Water -  Vanities with large Mirrors - Air Conditioning or Heat - 

Soap and Hand Towels - Low Level Outdoor Lighting -

Dual Handrails and Low Entry Platforms - Rugs - Mints and Flowers .

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